Sunday, 30 March 2008

New artwork by me, "Vamp Lucy" 2008


Okay, I have ONLY been working on this for EVER, and swore I was gonna finish it for Lucy's birthday, or die trying! I did. It may be less than two hours before her birythday ends in California, but I did it! I realise it is the next day that I am posting this, but after I finished it, I finished celebrating Lucy's birthday.

This is my latest Vampy Luce. All I can say, is I hope you guys like it. It was a BITCH to do. The version below is only a VERY small version of the original. The original is over 4 MB in size. So, please click on the smaller version (or the link) to get the full sized one which I have placed in my webspace.



"No yapping, no moaning I promise. I'll stop it, Just, I just love you. No, just stay home for one night. Make love to me. If you stay home, I promise I will do everything. Everything just the way you like it." Cheryl (Lucy Lawless), The Darkroom 2005

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