Monday, 20 August 2007

Looking for this 2002 Lucy mention - In Style magazine

Okay, this is kinda strange, but I am looking for a copy of this Lucy mention from 2002:

In Style magazine - November 2002; pg. 282;
"Scene + Heard - Emmys" - in an article about post-Emmy parties is a mention of Lucy with a quote: "...but the artist formerly known as Xena, Lucy Lawless, was toasting her newfound freedom from early-a.m. call times: 'Gin makes me want to take my clothes off!' she announced..."

If ANYONE knows of a transcript of this whole article, I would be very grateful! I have searched MaryD's site, not there. Thank you!


"That's right--you can have arm pit hair, a roll of fat, stretch marks--they don't care. They're good for it all. "They care what's in your heart." Lucy Lawless VII.XX.MMVII


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