Tuesday, 22 November 2005

Prayers of strength for Lucy...

...seeing that she is going back to New Orleans. That is gonna be really tough for her to be back there. I wish she would not go. I guess that is our Lucy, but it still does not make me feel good. As one person said on another group, there could be many remaining hazards, those of which I will not go into.

Anyway, I am sending every ounce of everything I have to her for this trip. She is leaving today, and I can already feel that she is...she is depressed. I mean she will put the face on for them all, and be the consummate professional, but inside, she is gonna be hurting, a LOT. I, just wish she would not go.

Well Luce, you be safe, and know that everyone one of us nutter 'Crazy Diamonds' will be sending our strength, and love to you. But, you know that.

We all love you Luce. Goddess Bless.