Tuesday, 17 May 2005

Lucy in Seattle!

I admit it, I spent Sunday night from 12:00a to about 1:30a local time (10-1130p Seattle time) watching a webcam trained on the Seattle Space Needle. Yes, I was watching while Lucy was at her
little after GPB party on May 15th.

I know, what a nut. Well, I just wanted to see what I could from here in Hell. I actually made almost 200 captures during the hour and a half I watched. I only quit because my computer was choking from all the 1024x768 screen captures I was making. Just my way of being there.
Anyway, Luce, I would have given my right arm t have seen you do your thing at the party, but I could never afford to go. You were in my thoughts. I am sorry that Lucy ran into those damned fans who do not know how to be respectful. I heard she stayed until almost midnight. A half hour later then she was schedualed. You are always the consumate professional Luce, and always do the right thing...even though, I am sure all you wanted to do was get a drink, sit down and relax. Sorry that did not happen. I hope you are now at home kicking back, and taking it easy. Peace & Love, Xx


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